Have fun & learn!

I have a 3 year old boy who is very advanced with his learning. He started to read at the age of 2, he can tell you all about dwarf planet candidates and he can even tell you the name of every country in the world on a map and point to where it is (bonkers I know!) as well as many other amazing things. As a parent I am always creating things for him to keep his interest and it occurred to me that perhaps these tools could help other children to learn and develop too. Everything here is designed to work on different levels, they can be used from a very young age as exposure to certain topics, and then I have added in further details to help older children progress and stretch their learning further. 


You can purchase our Kidscovery learning sheets in size A4 and you have a choice of options:


Prints to frame on your wall - great for a nursery, playroom or bedroom.

Individual laminated sheets, great for floor play, or use at the dinner table. You can also purchase a personalised wipe clean zip storage bag to keep them all in one place.

We have more coming to the range so keep an eye on our pages as you can also buy these individually to add to your collection.

My little boy loves these and I worked with him when designing them, every child is so different so if there is one I can customise for you or create one in a theme of your choice I am happy to help!