Looking for some cute educational nursery/bedroom prints? Our colourful prints were designed by us @printsandwishes and they are so lovely!  We can do them as prints to frame or we can laminate them so you can take them on journey's easily, or floor play etc.


Prints available - 

1) Numbers

2) Feelings

3) Solar system

4) Colours

5) Dinosaurs - green/natural

6) Dinosaurs - colourful

7) 2D shapes

8) 3D shapes

9) Space size comparison

10) Periodic Table


A4 Print only - £5.99 each

Bundle - 3 x A4 unframed prints - £12

- 6 x A4 prints, unframed prints - £20


Pick and mix from our choices below, happy to design something for you on request. Postage is large letter - £1.83 and they will be packaged in a sleeve and sent in a box for maximum protection.


If you would like to order a zippy bag for them to go in we can personalise that for you too, that is wipeclean and £3.50. We have a mix of colours, colours allocated at random.


If you have something in mind we would be happy to design it for you, we also have some more coming soon!


Fun Education Prints