Here is our cute Chocolate and Sweetie holder! A really fun addition to your decor and fun to put chocolates or sweets in for Christmas or birthday's! 

Made from wood, hand-painted and personalised this is a lovely gift to use year after year or use it as a money box once the celebration  is over. The front of the box is clear acrylic.


These holders can fit in Ferrero Rocher, Lindt Lindor chocolates, sweets such as Starburst and more! The letter is freestanding and there is a wide hole at the top to drop the treats into, to get them out simply tip and shake!


You can buy these from us in every letter of the alphabet from A-Z!  We can also do an '&' symbol if you wanted something in the middle of 2.


***Please note we are making and selling the boxes only, no sweets or chocolates will be included!***


We have different types available:

Letter - Single letter with no extra bits!

Elf Hat - Letter with a red or green elf hat! Personalisation can be added onto the hat itself in vinyl or cut by wood inside (see pics)

Princess Tiara - Perfect for any princesses in the family

Dinosaur - The letter with a cute dinosaur tail

Drinks bottle 

Teacher apple





Colours  - we can do the box in gold or silver. Please let us know about accessory colours. If you have anything in mind please do let us know and we will try our best.



Letter only is 20cm tall approx
Width 15cm approx
Depth 5cm approx
Hole size to drop treats in and take them out: 4cm x 3.5 approx

When you add accessories the height of the elf one becomes 28cm approx for eg.

As this item is fully personalised we cannot offer refunds. We photograph each item here and inspect before wrapping to make sure it leaves here in great condition.

Personalised Christmas Chocolate/Sweetie Holder